Kinship Real Estate Trusted Providers

Kinship Real Estate Trusted Providers


  • Lundquist Appraisal Company - POC: Ryan Lundquist

         Phone: 916-595-3735        Email: [email protected]



Construction & Repairs

Heating & Cooling Pro

  • Authority Heating and Air Conditioning

         Phone: (916) 474-9916          Email: [email protected]

  • Mars One Heating and Air - POC: Christopher Braden

         Phone: (916) 308-2556           Email: [email protected]


  • Atticman Heating& Air Insulation

         Phone: (916) 520-9566           Email: [email protected]


Roofing Pro

  • RP Seamless Rain Gutters - POC: Rosalio Perez

         Phone: (916) 432-9824       Email: [email protected]

  • Alex Perez's Roofing - POC: Alex Perez

         Phone: (916) 910-5542       Email: [email protected]


  • Triark Roofing

         Phone: (916) 276-8632        Email: [email protected]

  • Maximus Development - POC: Julia Semenenko

         Email: info@maxi

Construction & Repairs Pro

  • Good Life Construction - POC: Alex

         Phone: (916) 884-6132


  • Blue Ribbon Septic Service - POC: Rick

         Phone: (916) 676-6325      Email: [email protected]


  • Super Shooters - POC: Popcorn Celling

         Phone: (916) 944-1711      Email: [email protected]


General Contractor 

  • Superior Building Solutions - POC: Florin

         Phone: (916) 215-7199      Email: [email protected]

         Facebook: Superior Building Solutions


  • Always Affordable Plumbing

         Phone: (916) 970-9996      Email: [email protected]


  • EAMS Plumbing

         Phone: {916) 370-0970      Email: [email protected]


  • Niza Plumbing & Drain

         Phone: (916) 530-0207       Email: [email protected]


  • All Royal Construction

         Phone: {916) 316-0466       Email: [email protected]

Window Pro

  • Marin Window Cleaning

         Phone: {916) 474-1699        Email: [email protected]

  • Southgate Glass

         Phone: (916) 476-8396 Email: [email protected]

         Website: https:/


  • Fine Lines Painting - POC: Dominic 

         Phone (916) 759-4901         Email: [email protected]

Fencing Pro'

  • Lee's Fence and Gate Repairs

         Phone: (916) 248-1464

         Website: https:/


  • AIC  Benton Electric - POC: Benton (Chris)

         Phone: (916) 769-5623  Email: [email protected]


Design Services


  • Iron and Sage Home Staging - POC: Lisa

         Phone: (916) 704-7885           Email: [email protected]


  • Mint Home Staging Co. - POC: Jeff Martin

         Phone: (916) 532-6717           Email: [email protected]



Home Services


  • Cruz Lawn & Service - POC: Cruz

         Phone: (916) 296-2154         Email: [email protected]

  • Medford & Daughterz Extreme Lawn Care - POC: Ronnie

         Phone: (916) 619-4081



  • Maggy Maid

         Phone: (888) 624-4962         Email: [email protected]


  • Sweet Home Maids - POC: Dani Davis

         Phone: (916) 823-8336         Email: hello@sweethomemai

  • Sunny Maids & More Referral Agency

         Phone: (916) 782-9444


Pool Pro

  • Chief Pool Plastering - POC: Eugene Rodriguez

         Phone: (916) 452-6550         Email: [email protected]

Home Services Pro

  • His 'N Her Chimney Sweep and Professional Services

         Phone: (916) 972-7632         Email: [email protected]


Pest Control Pro

  • S&S Pest Management - POC: Raul Salazar

         Phone: (916) 821-2294         Email: sandspm@yahoo. com

  • North American Home Services - Natalya Karpenko

         Phone: (916) 481-0268         Email: [email protected]




  •  Becker Inspector - POC: Denny Becker

          Phone: (916) 778-9345        Email: [email protected]


  • Pump & Dump Septic - POC: Kellin

         Phone: (916) 333-0601          Email: [email protected]


  • Hedman Drilling - Well Inspection, Water Well Drilling and Pump Service - POC: Ron Hedman

        Phone: (916) 383-3636           Email: [email protected]


  • North American Home Services - Felipe Gema

         Phone: (916) 481-0268          Email: [email protected] 


  • Affordable Trenchless and Pipe Lining - POC: Ryan Petersen

         Email: [email protected]

  • Benchmark Home Inspections,LLC - POC: Jamie Kolker

         Phone: (916) 714-3234          Email: [email protected]



Moving Services


  • Mother Lode Van & Storage Inc. - POC: Denise

         Phone: (916) 461-8404

         Website: m_campaign=listing&utm_content=rancho_cordova

  • Two Men and a Truck

         Phone: (916) 596-9374

         Website: https://twomenandatruck. com/


Property Management

  • Property Manager - Karen Ramos

         M&M Property Services & Management

         Phone: (916) 228-1284        Email: [email protected]



Real Estate Services Pro Tree Services 

  • Tree Services Sacramento

         Phone: (916) 900-1167




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